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It's ok, we understand...

Our research has told us that there are 3 main reasons for leaving booking a photo booth until the last minute.


1) Is it in the budget? When booking a wedding or any event a photo booth is an extra (equally for a lot of couples it's an essential). Lot's of our wedding couples book us once everything else is paid for and there's money available or if a family member has given them an unexpected gift.

2) They didn't know they wanted one! We've spoken to so many people who found out about photo booths in the latter stage of their planning or attended another event, used one, and realised how much fun they are.

3) They just didn't get round to sorting it and thought it would be too late! Well it might not be...


This is why we've made part of the BLOC group. We'd hate to see you miss out on having a photo booth at your event so we work with our tried, tested and trusted partners to find you a photo booth for your event. The best part is there is always a great deal available. 

If you think you've left it too late, think again!

Fill out our short enquiry form now and we'll get back to you with our best options and price.

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