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Busy times...

It feels slightly odd to be taking time out to write a blog when things are so manic at the moment but it feels like a good time for BLOC to launch a blog.

We've had a great time entertaining the many guests at the booths so far this year and are looking forward to seeing loads more smiley people before the end of the year at our upcoming bookings. With the Christmas party season approaching fast we're getting enquiries and bookings which is great. Look out for our special mid-week rates if you're in charge of booking the works Christmas PARTY.

Christmas brings with it New Year and bookings are being taken for 2018 we've already got bookings in Wiltshire, Dorset, Surrey and Hampshire. We can't wait to visit some lovely new venues we haven't worked in before.

One of our favourite venues for this year was the Elmers Court Hotel in Lymington. we are also looking forward to a 40th birthday party at Iford Golf Centre, another new venue for us, hopefully we might even get a sneaky go on the new Mighty Claws Adventure Golf!

Well I guess I need to get back to making personalised plaques and designing print layouts. Look forward to hopefully seeing you in the booth soon.

The ever expanding selection of props

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